The Brazilian Public Law Society - sbdp is a non-profit non-governmental organization, focused on the development of public law, improvement of legal education and encouragement of research and training of young students.

Founded in 1993 by Prof. Carlos Ari Sundfeld, sbdp aims to promote innovative legal culture, characterized by intellectual independence. To do so, it has been supporting the publication of books written by its collaborators and forming a generation of young researchers and teachers in its Escola de Formação Pública - EFp.

EFp is one of the main initiatives of sbdp. Its mission is to form legal leaders for innovation in the public world. It has two programs. The Programa Anual de Iniciação Científica is dedicated to undergraduate law students from all years and colleges. For one year, its students attend meetings with guest professors to debate relevant topics of Public Law in constitutional jurisdiction, with a special emphasis on the Brazilian Supreme Court jurisprudence. The students also produce an individual research paper about it. EFp also has the Programa Continuado de Formação Docente, which gives EFp alumni the opportunity to initiate and improve their careers in teaching. To learn more about sbdp, visit